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Thus, the Hawking Index (HI): Take the page numbers of a book’s five top highlights, average them, and divide by the number of pages in the whole book. The higher the number, the more of the book we’re guessing most people are likely to have read.

The summer’s most unread book is…

In Sussex, though, it’s nothing. Our house is situated on the edge of a rolling downland, a perfect position if you like what the English call “rambling.” I’ll follow a trail every now and then, but as a rule I prefer roads, partly because it’s harder to get lost on a road, but mainly because I’m afraid of snakes. The only venomous ones in England are adders, and even though they’re hardly ubiquitous, I’ve seen three that had been run over by cars.

David Sedaris: Living the Fitbit Life (The New Yorker)

One of the app’s board members recently noted that maternity “is a top cost area for almost every employer.” / New rules under Obamacare let employers offer greater incentives for healthy behavior. For employers who are desperate to cut healthcare costs, there’s wiggle room to define “incentive” as either a carrot or even a stick.

Wearable Tech Is Plugging Into Health Insurance (Forbes)

Verständlicherweise wollen sich viele junge Leute nicht fühlen, als würde ihnen flüssiger Beton in den Kopf gekippt, also ignorieren sie diese Sätze und reisen lieber ein Jahr in ein indisches Waisenhaus. Da machen sie auch irgendwas mit Visionen, aber bei gutem Wetter. Oder sie werden Aktivist und rennen vor der Polizei weg. Da klopft das Herz lauter als im Ortsverein.

Wie Parteien werben: Danke für das Partykondom

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