Road Signs

Die New York Times darüber, daß nun auch noch die letzte Autobahnraststätte instagrammable gemacht wird.

“Certainly, there are many reasons to consider it great progress never again to be led into temptation by the golden arches on this stretch of roadway, reminded of the scourge of low-wage work, environmental damage and the aggressive undermining of public health. But on the countervailing side, where we might find some modicum of social good, McDonald’s provides a business model that does not market identity. You don’t get to pretend that you are chic, or rich, urbane or pious when you order a Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese. You are not buying into a philosophy or a lifestyle; you are buying 740 calories of distraction from life.”

(Mit dem Geschenk-Link oben sollte die NYT-Paywall zu überwinden sein.)