By drikkes on 28/12/2021 — 1 min read

„In attempts to keep pace with disposable culture, brands are tapping into one of humanity’s most reliable emotional levers—nostalgia—to humanize brands and to create a visage of “everlasting” by intimately bridging the gap between consumers’ experience of the past and present.“
Disposable culture is diminishing the power of brands — Quartz

„Much of the energy behind crypto arises from the very strong need that some people feel to operate outside of a state, and therefore outside of any sort of democratic communal overview.“ (Brian Eno)

„Leider müssen wir diese 18.000 sinnlosen Flüge durchführen“, sagte ein Sprecher der Lufthansa am Montag dem hr.

„Willkommen im weinerlichen Wellness-Widerstand“ Sascha Lobo

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