Keine Befehle, aber…

Hinweise und Anregung zu zwei in den letzten Woche mit Gewinn gelesenen Artikeln. Der erste aus der auch sonst meist sehr einsichtigen Vox-Rubrik “The Goods”:

The current state of alt fashion is the outcome of 2020s late-stage capitalism’s limitless manufacturing possibilities and a veritable ocean of content, inadequately sourced and dated thanks to a Tumblr- and Pinterest-inspired archival conundrum.

Is anything cool anymore? hat nicht nur so name-dropping Besserwisser-Shit zu bieten, sondern liefert auch schlagwörtlich ein paar quotable Oneliner wie die hier:

Today, our particular likes are even more than a shorthand for an identity, they are the identity itself.

The great American cool is nearly dead, slipping out of the grasp of Gen Z, who seem too busy being themselves to care.

Consumer identity is old news when everything is cheap and available, and everyone is buying.

Und noch einer: Real Life über “the cost of frictionless shopping”, den Landfraß der durch eCommerce boomenden Logistikbranche:

It has little to do with aesthetics. Rather its function is obfuscation, a wager that the less consumers see, the less they care — about labor practices, environmental damage, the commodification of land (…) the tech industry prefers that we imagine a sci-fi world dominated by algorithms and AI, automated and robotic, than see the reality of human labor powering it.

A Shopper’s Heaven