How bloggers are paying up to £20 for EMPTY bottles | Daily Mail Online

‘This trend for buying empty bottles to showcase a premium lifestyle is indeed resourceful, but not necessarily authentic, and questions the necessity to create an unrelenting and unrealistic image of what society deems to be a “perfect life”.

The above issue … is just one layer of many around the potential detrimental impact of social media exposure, when the viewer is not questioning the authenticity of what they are seeing.’

(Hervorhebungen von mir.)

The Amazon Sample Box Shop Is the Best Discovery I Ever Made | Glamour

Single-use lipsticks in little square foil pouches? Be mine. Fancy serums and antiaging creams I’d never actually buy but am happy to test out for the heck of it? I’m hoarding a bunch in a zip-lock in my bathroom at this very moment. OK, several zip-locks.

Hallo, Amazon? Ich brauche die Luxury Men’s Grooming Box sofort in Deutschland.

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