Notes KW 21/17

You know what would advance women in Saudi Arabia? Rights. Actual rights guaranteeing their protection and equality.

On same weekend as record-breaking arms deal, Saudis announced $100 million donation to Ivanka fund

The story of New York, after all, is that a bunch of people whom no one wanted created the coolest city in the world; eventually, their cultural capital was turned into real capital, sometimes by them, but often by outside investors.

Kim Stanley Robinson’s Latest Novel Imagines Life in an Underwater New York

In der Grundschule sitzen also eine Million Nichtakademikerkinder neben 200.000 Akademikerkindern – am Ende tragen aber 20.000 Akademikerkinder und nur 10.000 Nichtakademikerkinder pro Jahrgang einen Doktorhut.
Es reiche nicht aus, soziale Gerechtigkeit in nischigen Diversity-Büros zu parken, meint auch der Stifterverband.

Soziale Herkunft: Mehr Luft für den Aufstieg

That’s what social media can provide in a way. Maybe there are those formal moments on the red carpet but then before, when they’re getting dressed, they’ll have the jewelry at home and they can post it on social media in their own way.
Because when it comes to the Oscars red carpet, there’s too much at stake for the international houses not to monopolize that stage. But you can’t blame the celebs. It’s a lot of money being thrown at them.

On the Red Carpet: Stars, Diamonds and Style

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