Notes KW 51/16

Others, however, have less fantastical theories. Meredith leans towards the explanation being “some previously undocumented psychological phenomenon”, while Don believes the movie was intentionally “disappeared” because it embarrassed Sinbad and Phil Hartman, who he believes was a writer and producer on the film. Jessica also thinks the film was recalled and destroyed.

The movie that doesn’t exist and the Redditors who think it does | I never heard of the Mandela Effect before.

It’s like the opposite of a flash mob: Instead of strangers showing up somewhere and doing something, people who know each other stand where they are and do nothing. But where flash mobs were often prankish and confrontational, the mannequin challenge seems contemplative, a poignant moment of collective vulnerability.

Stop Motion | Das Real Life Mag über die Mannequin Challenge. You know?

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