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What’s more, emoji also hold out the promise of emotional standardization in the service of data analysis: If a feeling can be summed up in a symbol, then theoretically that feeling can be more easily tracked, categorized, and counted.

The Conservatism of Emoji

Es ist irgendwie noch schlimmer als Fast-Food-Verpackung, auf die groß “Lecker!” gedruckt ist, es ist die maximale Unterforderung des Rezipienten.

Lukas Heinser über den Heftigstyle

Das merkt das vierte Kind natürlich, das sich nicht mehr um seiner selbst willen geliebt sieht, und stürzt in einen Abgrund von Traurigkeit. Es spürt: Alle Welt liebt nur mein Smartphone, mich hingegen niemand. Es rutscht tiefer und tiefer in virtuelle Beziehungen ab, in Happy-Slapping-Videos, Cyberkriminalität und möglicherweise Tierpornografie. Was dänische Pädagogen dazu sagen würden, mag sich jeder selber denken.

Die Wahrheit: Rettet diese Seelen — taz.de/

So, what are agencies to do? What you’ve been saying you do so well – adapt, collaborate and perhaps reinvent? Perhaps award shows should take aim at celebrating advertising as an abstract form – like what haute couture has become to fashion. Let’s just give up on the idea that awards are to be taken seriously.

Why advertising awards are now for losers. — I. M. H. O. — Medium

How this happens is still an unfolding story, but it’s thought that bacteria release chemical signals that are carried along the vagus nerve—the nervous system superhighway that runs from the digestive system all the way to the base of the brain. These signals may affect our moods and appetites, and influence us to get more of what the bacteria crave into our mouths. / It’s theorized that if bacteria want more sugar, they use a chemical carrot and stick approach; certain chemicals cause us to feel bad until we ingest the sugar, and others perk up our mood as a reward for delivering the goods.

A Different Kind Of Gut Feeling: How Intestinal Bacteria Could Manipulate Your Brain

In North America and the UK we have the trend of “normcore” (the normal version of hardcore), a trend so stupid that it’s more famous for being a stupid trend than it is for being a trend itself.

Douglas Coupland: Atomised – FT.com

Ich erkläre ihm den Zusammenhang zwischen Ecstasy im Müsli und einem hektischen Schreibstil. Fünf Sekunden später liege ich mit den Beinen hinter den Schultern auf einem vollgekotzten Scheißesofa von Viron Erol Vert und lasse es mir in den Mund machen, während Marc Brandenburg mir einen Blauwalpenis auf die Fußsohle tätowiert.

Zehn Jahre Berghain | TITANIC – Das endgültige Satiremagazin

Analysts warn the violence could spread toward oil-producing regions such as Oklahoma or even disrupt the flow of American beer supplies, some of the largest in the world, and could provide a fertile breeding ground for extremists. Though al-Qaeda is not known to have yet established a foothold in Missouri, its leaders have previously hinted at assets there.

How we’d cover Ferguson if it happened in another country – Vox

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