Hairstyling brand TAFT had to introduce Toni Garrn as its new testimonial. They wanted to juvenize the brand’s image, but without giving up on the well-known heritage of their iconic hairspray product. This TVC treatment was the result:

Occasions (20″)

The spot is a hommage to the old Taft TVCs, playing with the different city locations.

We see our protagonist Toni in four vignettes. Although some of them are set in the glamorous celebrity world, they are directed in an authentic, approachable way. Toni acting natural, hand-held camera, and close-ups a bit shaky.

We start with a STYLE TIME signet.

VO: “Berlin. Greeted by a storm.” / “Berlin. Stürmische Begrüßung.”
Toni entering a posh high-class bar. She hasn’t seen her gang of friends for a long time, as it seems. The friends group hug her, tousle her hair in a lovely way, etc. And Toni’s style still looks great.

VO: “Paris. Heated discussions” / “Paris. Hitzige Diskussionen.”
Behind the scenes of a fashion show. Toni, a stylist, and the designer are engaged in a verbal exchange about the right pair of high heels matching the couture dress. Although it’s a stressful atmosphere, sympathetic Toni manages to finish her extraordinary style last second.

VO: “New York. It’s raining applause.” / “New York. Es regnet Applaus.”
Toni steps out of a limousine onto a red carpet. She is facing paparazzi with popping flashbulbs and a horde of autograph hunters, who have more to fight with the rainy, windy weather conditions than her. Toni doesn’t even need the security’s umbrella.

VO: “No matter where or when. It’s style time. With Taft.” / “Mit Taft ist immer und überall Style Time.”
Toni checking her look and giving her hair the last touch in front of a bathroom mirror. Via her reflection she talks directly to the viewer.

VO: “New Taft Power for powerful hold in every occasion.”
Packshot on the bathroom shelf.

Toni ON: “Create your power.”
Toni looking back while leaving the room.

(SK Soundlogo & Endorser)

Damit es noch was zum Gucken gibt: hier das Mastermotiv für eine Produktanzeige mit Toni Garrn. (Text kam da allerdings eher vom Kunden als von mir.)