Return of Notes (02/16)

Anläßlich der Social Müdia hier mal wieder zwei passende Texte aus den letzten Wochen verlinkt, der erste aus dem uneingeschränkt empfehlenswerten Snapchat-Prestige-Publikationsprojekt Real Life Mag:

My content was relevant; “I” was relevant content. (…) As much as I’d identified with the persona I had constructed online, I am not, I discovered, a blog.

Sunset Blogevard ( I like the headline.)

I think we all knew it was coming. The gratification and thrill associated with social media has substantially faded as too many images and voices vie for attention, causing what feels like thousands of attention-hungry children speaking over one another, simultaneously saying everything and nothing. A lawless clusterfuck.

why generation z are deleting their social media accounts and going offline | i-D


Und wo ich schon einmal dabei bin, kann ich auch gleich die restlichen Zitate raushauen.

Ist das noch Kritik oder schon Klappentext?

Streit – Aseptische Wände | Ich bin da eher Team Kaube, wollte diesen „Literaturstreit eigentlich als zu mickrig nicht weiter erwähnen, aber nun passt er einfach zu gut zur Causa Elena Ferrante. Die Aufdeckung halte ich für schäbig.

Because if you’re a good artist, you’re supposed to be a shitty mom.

Amalia Ulman Is the First Great Instagram Artist | Elle rekapituliert.

With its coordinating furniture sets, “Tuscan” flair, and an overall preoccupation with cheap icons of luxury on a beige background, interior design the 2000s is an interesting period to study simply because there was absolutely nothing interesting about it at all.

How Beige Took Over American Homes

The secret to the Uber economy

It did not take technology to spur the on-demand economy. It took masses of poor people. bringt einen validen Punkt gegen die neuen Mittelsmänner vor.

In Mumbai, the man who delivers a bottle of rum to my doorstep can learn the ins and outs of the booze business from spending his days in a liquor store. If he scrapes together enough capital, he may one day be able to open his own shop and hire his own delivery boys.

His counterpart in San Francisco has no such access. The person who cleans your home in SoMa has little interaction with the mysterious forces behind the app that sends him or her to your door.